Monday adventure time

So today is not about houses, gardens or pools.  Today is declared Deb day and to do just as I please.

So heading for a bike ride, just a wee ride – 90 km round trip to Redcliffe and back.

The older I get the more I appreciate challenges and indulging my need for physical exertion.  My next big challenge apart from life in general is to complete the cycle leg of the iron man challenge in Cairns.

Was thinking it may be time for a bucket list – before 50 but that laves me only 9 months.  May be a little bucket before 50 followed by a Well list for 60 – “well” too many thing for a bucket

So middle age is proving exciting – Ride to Redcliffe bye for now

Don’t forget ….. The answer is often right in front of you

For many years I have dreamed of owning a property, putting in veggie gardens, fruit trees etc,  you get it ?

And for many years I have rented out and tried to sell a house I own in Ipswich, can you see where this is going…… Well duh I have a property! We (Jon  and I )have been slaving away to get it ready to sell. All the things I wanted in a house are there now.  It has polished floors, claw foot bath and space! I stopped working the other day looked around and realised how lovely it is now.  Jon commented “always the way you get the house you want when you are ready to sell it” May not be in Byron or Maleny but it is mine and it will be a challenge!

The yard is quite large and pretty much a dried up patch of dirt for now…. and an old pool will become a fish farm, the dead palms removed for fruit trees and much more….. Space for volunteers to come and stay if they wish to help out with the project.

So why write about it.  It is becoming real and this will make me accountable

I have had this house for 7 years and never thought of moving back and creating my haven.

A reminder for me that happiness is where you are at not somewhere else.    With the help of a very dear friend we are already transforming the house into a home

Watch this spot for photos and stories of my progress……….

First step pack up from my rental property in Brisbane and start digging   ( after Woodford of course – well priorities!!)

Europe, wine, bike

So at the age of 48 I decide a bike ride through the Czech republic is a fine idea….. And it was.

I could tell you of the arduous ride, the fine food , the great wine but more importantly the adventure.

Getting lost, eating blackberries from the forest, stumbling across Castles….

400km later and a slightly smaller ass we arrived n Vienna.

Was it easy, HELL no. Would I do it again…. in a heartbeat

planning my next adventure now

50th birthday Budapest to Krakow

but the small adventures in between are equally amazing

Next ride Burleigh to Byron any takers